About Us

We are a team that specializes in building DeFi protocols, including Kyber Network, and WBTC. At early 2020 we realized that current liquidation mechanisms in lending platforms are sub-optimal, something everyone witnessed on the Black Thursday. Our goal is to make backstop liquidity a standard primitive, that all DeFi platforms could integrate with.

Our Team

Yaron Velner

CEO & Protocol Architect

Former CTO at kyber network, and co-desginer of WBTC protocol. 

Phd computer science.

Eitan Katchka

Head of Ecosystem Development

Former Co-founder of La’Zooz.
Building decentralized communities since 2014.

M.A. in Education Leadership.

Shmuel Disraeli

Full Stack Engineer

Over 5 years of experience in R&D and working on innovative applications.

Expertise in JavaScript client and server side development, & cloud infrastructure.

Advisory Board

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-founder at Polygon (Matic)

Chief Operations Officer at Polygon

Mariano conti

DeFi Buidler

Formerly Head of Smart Contracts at MakerDAO.

Ori Cohen

Algo Trading Researcher

Former CTO and Head of Research at Efficient Frontier.