About Us

We are a team that specializes in building DeFi protocols, including Kyber Network, and WBTC. At early 2020 we realized that current liquidation mechanisms in lending platforms are sub-optimal, something everyone witnessed on the Black Thursday. Our goal is to make backstop liquidity a standard primitive, that all DeFi platforms could integrate with.

Our Team

Yaron Velner

CEO & Protocol Architect

Former CTO at kyber network, and co-desginer of WBTC protocol. 

Phd computer science.

Eitan Katchka

Head of Ecosystem Development

Former Co-founder of La’Zooz.
Building decentralized communities since 2014.

M.A. in Education Leadership.

Shmuel Disraeli

Full Stack Engineer

Over 5 years of experience in R&D. and working on innovative applications.

Expertise in JavaScript client and server side development, & cloud infrastructure.